“With an experience and pro team, we can custom design (such as pendant lamps, ceiling lamps, chandeliers, table lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps) and build your space with an environmentally friendly modern home decorative lighting.”

-A. Erginkoc (Founder)

Greetings from the Founder.

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The Vision

We aim to create a supportive and educational atmosphere in both residential and commercial properties through the encouragement and design of eco-friendly lighting fixtures and shades fashioned from gourds.

The Mision

We strive to bring customers premium lamps and lampshades made from eco-friendly, toxin-free gourds while providing competitive prices.

I have been working on gourds for about 2 years. My gourd lamps are made from Spanish, African or Mediterranean gourds. Each of them is unique by creation and not one is the same as another.

I am inspired by gourd lamps made for artists from Japan, Turkey, and France. I make table lamps and ceiling pendant lamps. I use different designs and painting techniques, as well as carving.

The gourd lamp has many dimensions. The thicker the gourd, the better the artwork and durability.

I design my pattern at each gourd based on thickness and shapes. I use different sizes of drills and Dremel’s to make holes and shapes on the gourd. Once the design is complete the rest is about painting, beading or varnishing.

The output will change depending on the light source you use. The beads don’t show up clearly until the light is switched on.

There is a large hole underneath the lampshade so that it will sit on any light source easily. There is a base option with complete on/off switch, cabling and power socket.

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